Agitators vs impellers in washing machine-Which one is better

In a washing machine, an agitator is a spindle that protrudes from the center of the drum and is used to move the clothes around during the washing cycle. The agitator’s movement creates the mechanical action that helps to loosen and remove dirt and stains from the clothes.

There are two main types of agitators in washing machines: traditional agitators and impeller agitators. Traditional agitators have a central spindle that rotates back and forth, generating a twisting and turning motion in the drum. Impeller agitators have a flat, disc-like design that rotates in a circular motion, creating a gentler, less aggressive wash.

The choice between a traditional agitator and an impeller agitator will depend on personal preference and the types of clothes that are being washed. Traditional agitators tend to be more effective at removing tough stains and dirt, but may be more likely to cause damage to delicate fabrics. Impeller agitators provide a gentler wash that is better for delicate clothes, but may not be as effective at removing tough stains.

Agitator: Pros:

  1. The agitator is typically found in traditional top-loading washing machines.
  2. The agitator is more effective at agitating clothes and removing tough stains.
  3. The design of the agitator provides a more thorough wash and is better at getting clothes clean.


  1. The agitator takes up more space in the washing machine, which can make it difficult to wash larger items like comforters and curtains.
  2. The agitator can be rough on delicate fabrics and can cause snagging, stretching, and other damage.
  3. Some people find the agitator to be noisy during the wash cycle.

Impeller: Pros:

  1. The impeller is typically found in modern front-loading washing machines.
  2. The impeller is more gentle on clothes and is less likely to cause damage to delicate fabrics.
  3. The design of the impeller provides a more efficient wash and uses less water and detergent.
  4. Impellers take up less space in the washing machine, allowing for larger items to be washed.


  1. The impeller is not as effective at removing tough stains as the agitator.
  2. Some people find that the impeller is less effective at getting clothes clean and can leave residue on the clothes.
  3. The impeller may be less effective at removing dirt and grime from heavily soiled clothes.

Ultimately, the choice between an agitator and an impeller will depend on your personal preferences and the types of clothes you wash. Both types of agitators have their pros and cons, and it’s important to consider what’s most important to you when choosing a washing machine.


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