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  • 9 Best pedestal fan in India

    A ceiling fan is no good when you want to focus on a corner or place of choice. In such a case pedestal fan is of great help. If you are thinking of finding one for your need you have come to the right place. If AC is not an option for you and you […]

  • 11 Best baking oven for home in India

    A baking oven is a simple device in which you can bake cake, make pizzas and other delicacies without much hassle.Just put your dish inside and with few button press you are ready to cook your dish. They are also called OTG(Oven, Toaster, Grill) oven. It works on the principle of heat transfer through radiation […]

  • 8 Best hammer drill machine in India

    Hammer drill are most important addition to the set of power tools in your tool kit. It is useful because it is much easy to drill a hole and put a nail using hammer drill. Just start the machine and apply little force to the place you want to drill a hole and you are […]

  • 5 Best air purifiers in India

    There is no denying the fact that air pollution is one the most difficult challenge that we face today specially in the metro cities. Even with the effort put in by the government and authorities the situation remains incessant and the reason is no doubt obvious to us. The vehicles, the industries, the crackers, crops […]

  • 8 Best food processor in India

    What is a food processor ? A food processor is a specialized device that is made to solve much of the efforts needed to prepare food like kneading, shredding chopping, mincing whipping and grinding, and making smoothies and chutneys etc. It is basically a mixer grinder plus accessories to make more sophisticated function like kneading […]

  • 15 Best mixer grinder in India

    Now a days a a kitchen looks more and more incomplete without a mixer grinder. Not only  it is becoming affordable but it is also seems essential for making cooking reliable and easy process. It is needed for variety of process like making chutney, or juices and shake not to mention there are many dishes […]